Marlin, Merkator’s Geospatial Asset Management (GAM) solution, introduces a disruptive approach to design, manage , document and operate network infrastructure including cables, ducts, fiber, cabinets and active equipment. Always exploiting both geographic, schematic and logical representations.

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The last few months, everyone experienced the result of an overly connected world.


The telecom industry is the only utility that experiences technological changes at such high pace: from copper to fiber, from 4G and 5G: CHANGE is the only constant.

Most businesses can continue working with fully remote collaboration. Most families stay in touch through their connectivity.

Connectivity is the cornerstone of todays civilization.

The speed to which telecom providers can react to change is often limited by the quality of their data and the software platform they use.

Time to act NOW with a software engine that is built for implementing CHANGE.  No longer months but days to adapt to change.

In Belgium we
positively influence 70% of all fiber

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